Chenel Capital

Steve Smail

Vice President

Steve Smail is Vice President at Chenel Capital. Prior to joining the team, he lived overseas in China establishing institutional and retail capital raising channels in China, Vietnam, Korea, India, Hong Kong, and Dubai. He was highly involved in the syndication of multiple foreign debt and equity investments in US real estate developments totaling over $300M USD and is recognized for his innovation in structuring offerings suitable for foreign investors.

For many years, Steve has actively managed a substantial portfolio of personal investments with a specific interest in technology companies that have the ability to corner a market. This led him to becoming an early investor in Healthpointe Solutions before joining the Chenel Capital team.

Steve prides himself on implementing new technology to automate operational processes of companies in order to create productivity efficiencies previously overlooked. Steve holds a degree in Economics from the University of Michigan and is fluent in Mandarin as a result of his 10 years in China.

Steve Smail