Chenel Capital

Robert Rooks

Ethics Advisor

Robert Rooks is one of the nation’s premier criminal justice reformers with more than two decades of experience as a grassroots organizer, strategist, and movement leader. He is an expert in building and scaling social justice organizations and has been instrumental in winning groundbreaking criminal justice reforms across the country.

Prior to joining REFORM, Robert co-founded and served as the CEO of Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ), the largest state-by-state public safety reform organization in the nation. In this capacity, he grew the organization’s footprint from one state to eight states with the nation’s highest incarceration rates and led the organization’s advocacy programs to change criminal justice laws throughout the country.

Robert not only joins Chenel Capital as its ethics Advisor and is a Board of Directors for the Chenel Foundation, but also as a fellow investor in the space economy.

As a multicultural and minority owned business, we are thrilled to have Robert provides us insights and experience to create a more equitable investment firm that holds true to its roots and provides unique opportunities to our target investment audience.