Chenel Capital

Richard Chenel

Founder & Managing Partner
Sector Focus:Aerospace & Defense/Healthcare/Energy/Semiconductors/Fintech

Richard Chenel is the Founder and Managing Partner of Chenel Capital, a New York based alternative investment firm focused on early, venture, and growth stage opportunities across different sectors.

Deeply passionate about technology, innovation, and disruption, Richard’s approach to investment mirrors his personal ambition to not just create wealth but ultimately provide value-add to various ecosystems in society that are ripe for change.

Prior to developing Chenel Capital’s investment thesis, Richard raised capital for Aerospace, Biotech, Software, AR/VR, AI, and Energy companies exceeding half a billion in value.

Richard believes in using his hard-earned success to empower the less fortunate and most vulnerable of our society. Success creating empathy is a key pillar in both Richard's personal life and Chenel Capital’s long-term vision of social responsibility. Richard is in the process of structuring The Chenel Foundation, a philanthropic arm with a mission to help the less fortunate by advancing innovation in healthcare, education, and employment.

Richard Chenel
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