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Paul Laskin


Paul Laskin, Re-Inventor. Paul’s current focus is on investment analysis and portfolio management. He uses market and business metrics to drive investment decisions. This is an outgrowth of decades of experience in portfolio management, business intelligence, leadership, and computing.

This experience includes:

  • Helping a French tech startup establish a U.S. presence. He provided support, sales, and marketing for their software.
  • Co-Founder of Cirrhus9, a cloud computing services company. Paul developed strategic partnerships with IBM, Amazon, and others. His startup was one of the first to become an Amazon Cloud System Integrator.
  • Board member, LSIT. A non-profit developing a best practice IT guideline for Life Science companies. Paul’s prior leadership on validation was the framework for LSIT’s Risk-Based Approach to IT.
  • Paul held leadership roles including; Director Business Intelligence, Director Informatics Strategy and Portfolio Management, and Corporate IT Site Head. These roles provided the base for his leadership, technical and business acumen.
  • Paul holds a degree in Science. He worked for years in the lab focused on the development of drugs for cancer, AIDS, heart disease. He presented to the FDA. He played a small supporting role in the development of the first FDA-approved protease inhibitor for AIDS.
  • Paul was the author of “Resources for Chemistry”, a quarterly column in Science and Engineering Network News. His publishing experience also includes Chief Editor of the locally world-famous Quaff Newsletter.
  • And most importantly, he is a father, husband, friend, mentor, a former homebrewer, and current pizza dabbler.
  • He is a re-inventor.
Paul Laskin