Chenel Capital

Christo Kuriakose

Research Analyst

Christo is a part of the research team at Chenel Capital providing portfolio due diligence, research, analytical support, and overall assistance to our research team.

Christo gained his exposure to finance and the public markets during his undergraduate years at the University of Florida. He was involved in a couple of different student organizations that conducted start-up competitions and stock pitches. Christo manages his personal portfolio of equity derivatives in addition to his personal investments in Varda, a space manufacturing company, and Oxygen, a bank tailored to the younger generation. This has provided Christo with a fresh approach to early-stage venture investments. He desires to grow his abilities in growth equity and late-stage venture capital.

Christo is focused on finding trends in genetics, biotechnology, and the commercialization of space. Christo aims to master the craft of researching, evaluating, and investing in private companies.

Christo Kuriakose