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SpaceAlpha unlocks the world’s only 5th generation premier satellite technology, namely, the first-in-class X-L Dual Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR-XL)– transforming the Earth observation industry with the world’s widest swath of 400 km (3~8x of competitors’), the world’s highest permissible resolutions, self-cueing capabilities, and the ultra-high-res precision and accuracy through the cloud, smoke, vegetation, soil and darkness.

While the swath coverage alone makes SpaceAlpha satellites up to 64x more powerful compared to other EO satellites, "one aperture, multi-band" of SAR-XL technology coupled with multiple polarization warrants exponentially more powerful data quality. Factoring in the near real-time AI processing that eliminates inter-constellation latency, the SAR-XL enables groundbreaking applications in maritime surveillance, intelligence gathering, agriculture and forestry, water management, digital mapping, ground subsidence, landmine detection, etc. with a potent built-in mission critical solution, rendering other currently available EO data providers forced to adapt the superior technology.

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