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Axiom Space

Aviation & Aerospace
Houston, Texas

Axiom Space is poised to become the leading company in advanced commercial space development, exploration, and travel. With exclusive rights to the one remaining port available on ISS to begin the build of the first-ever private space station, it’s positioned to become the leader in zero gravity research and microgravity manufacturing. Axiom will be offering commercial flights into space as early as February 2022.

With Suffredini being one of the few people globally that has experience building and managing a space station, it’s clear to see why NASA granted the only available port on the ISS to Axiom for 3rd party space use. This access enables Axiom to jump-start station development as they can have a module immediately available for use without worrying about power, propulsion, etc. that free flyers will be required to do. Axiom offers investors consistent cash flow and significant equity growth potential in conjunction with the company’s proven expertise in Low Earth orbit space economy development.

Senior Management
Dr. Kam GhaffarianDr. Kam Ghaffarian

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Michael T. SuffrediniMichael T. Suffredini

President & CEO