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Agrarius delivers a novel agricultural plant signaling technology that is developed, tested, and proven for activating the plant's defense mechanisms at the cellular level. The effects include, but are not limited to, growing deeper roots, optimizing the effect of photosynthesis, increasing growth hormones, efficiency for water use and nutrients, enhanced resistance to diseases and stressed climate conditions.

Scientists have known for decades that plants can communicate with one another, and Agrarius' liquid signaling technology mastered signals that dictate the plant's entire life cycle, literally telling plants how to grow. A mere 200 mL (7 oz) of Agrarius over 1 Hectare (2.47 acres) can boost the yield up to 50% across 30+ crop types. This is what makes Agrarius the biggest innovation in agriculture in over 100 years.

Senior Management
Michal PrywataMichal Prywata