Chenel Capital

Our Approach

Chenel Capital's diverse composition allows us to apply a multicultural and multidisciplinary lens to our investment vehicles, as well as overall investment strategy. We pride ourselves on being creative with how we underwrite our investments and develop our investment pipeline. Where others see gaps, we see bridges. If there isn't a bridge, we make one. We “build our bridge” through a variety of bespoke solutions such as, direct investments, co-investments, special purpose vehicles, and fund investments.


As boutique investment shop we must come up with creative ways to navigate one of the most competitive and saturated markets in the world. Our core founding team, advisors, and staff all have firsthand entrepreneurial experience which makes us robust and agile.


Chenel Capital is committed to being deeply attuned to the specific needs of our investors and investment companies. We prioritize transparency and consistent, clear communication.


Our relationships are incredibly valued. We have had the privilege of working with some of the brightest minds, savviest investors, and boldest innovators across many industries. By working with Chenel Capital, you will have access to this extensive network that we take great pride in.


Not only are we investors and entrepreneurs ourselves, but we are deeply involved in the areas of technology we invest in. This first hand experience gives us the insight to execute with precision and our clients the ability to invest with confidence.

Investment Verticals


Series Seed to Series A with min check sizes of $250k to $4m. We both lead or participate in rounds.


Series B to Pre-IPO stage companies with min check size of $10m.


We look at distress and underperforming businesses from $5m to $20m.


We partner with LPs to invest in segment-oriented markets.


Parallel funds that provide long short position in the public market.