Chenel Capital is a minority owned sector agnostic investment firm that allocates capital to Venture, Growth, Acquisitions, Funds and Equities. Our investment theses consist of fundamental understanding the economic structures of companies from infancy to public offerings. This allows us to analyze and digest information that is both applicable in private and public companies, which in turn ensures a more thorough due diligence process. We aim to deliver the best return on investments for our investors.

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About Us

We believe an investment is a number-based science yet demands rather an exacting understanding of the imperfect world we live in to institute drivers that push some companies to be the winners.

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Our collections are like the diamonds in the rough. For these companies with assessed golden qualities seeking growth stage capital, we ensure they glitter.

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Our Team

Our team is composed of seasoned investors with a wide range of expertise in investment banking, technology & healthcare innovations, real estate acquisitions and much more.

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